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What parents can do to help

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How Parents Can Help

1.   Help your child establish and maintain a regular practice schedule. As much as possible, have your child practice when you are home. Sign the practice chart, verifying the amount of home practice accomplished for each lesson.

2.   Help your child remember to bring his/her instrument and lesson books to school on lesson and rehearsal days.

3.   Keep necessary supplies on hand, for instance, reeds, oil, etc. (Cleaning supplies, instrument accessories, music books, and computer software make excellent birthday gifts.  Band directors and the area music dealers can give you ideas of additional items your child may want or need for his/her instrument.)

4.   Show an interest in your child’s study of an instrument. Reinforce practice sessions by listening and making positive comments.  Reinforce the understanding that success in all endeavors takes time and effort. Consider using rewards when practice goals have been met, but don’t use practice as a form of punishment. Avoid making fun of mistakes or less-than-perfect playing, and don’t insist your child play for others when he or she doesn’t want to.

5.   Keep instruments in good working condition. Have them checked over at least once a year by a repair person.

Disney Marches

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I’m so excited to have finally found a recording of “Disney Magical Marches.”  Click here for the Youtube performance.

What a great start!

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Lessons are going very well.  The students and I are getting to know each other and I am very pleased.  I am also pleased with their progress.  Great Gate of Kiev is starting to sound great and Disney Marches is starting to come together.  Keep it up.

Congratulations to new Symphonic Band members

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Auditions for Symphonic Band went well this week.  Clarinets will continue next week.

Great first week

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Our first week of lessons were great.  I was so happy to meet new students and become acquainted again with former ones.  Don’t forget to practice.

New Concert Band music

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We are starting Concert Band today.  They is new music and a fresh start to a new year playing in band.  Click here for a great recording.   Great Gate of Kiev.

Lessons are starting

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Lessons begin this week so don’t forget your instruments.  In lessons, I will be teaching all of the flutes and clarinet and a few alto saxophones.  Full Band should be fun to here on Tuesday.  The Concert Band will be in the Cafeteria.  I look forward to working with all of my students.