8th Grade Band Members

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To:  New Burlington High School Band Members
From:  Mr. B, BHS Band Director

Hope you had a relaxing Spring Break! Wanted to update you on some specific events for the 8th Graders for next year. I have launched a new band website, which has an up-to-date Google Calendar, all the way through the end of band camp:

Starting on May 3rd, we are offering both “Color Guard Spring Training” and
“Percussion Spring Training,” on Tuesday evenings from 6:30-8 PM.

These are rehearsals designed for next year’s group (current grades 8-11) as an introduction to both the Percussion section and the Color Guard. We will have instructors who will be working with students, teaching fundamentals, educating them about what to expect for next year, as well as maybe a few getting-to-know-you bonding activities.

Also on the Calendar is a

Band Meeting and Ice Breaker on June 8th. We have planned a meeting with ALL of next year’s band students and parents from 6-6:30, where we will share any necessary information about Band Camp and rehearsals, as well as an Ice Breaker rehearsal for all students from 6:30-8.

This will give 8th graders a chance to check out instruments for the summer, meet the other members of their section, make sure they have all of the music for the Fall show, and have a quick rehearsal to help us get started on the right path.


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