Month: May 2016

June 9th cookout

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June 9th, there will be a cookout at the school for the whole music department. All chorus and band members are expected to go.  see you then.


Tuesday lessons

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Since I will be needed at the Francis Wyman Dress rehearsal tomorrow morning, Tuesday morning lessons have been moved to 12:00pm.  This does not include the tenor saxes.


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What an amazing concert. I’m so impressed with the maturity of the Concert Band. You/they worked so hard!!!

Spring Concert 5/19

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MSMS Concert Band Spring Concert 2016

Thursday, May 19th:  7:00pm performance

Students arrive:  6:30pm, MSMS Cafeteria

Wear:  Band T-shirt or plain bright blue t-shirt, dark bottom, dark shoes (if possible)

Bring:  Instrument, music

We’ve order the Band t-shirts.  They should arrive in the mail soon, definitely before the concert.

Don’t forget to practice

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May 19th Concert:  7:00pm


dragon picture

  • Pictures at an Exhibition
  • The Lost Kingdom
  • The Year of the Dragon

Looking for Birthday presents?

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Haven’t upgraded to a Middle or High School mouthpiece?  Now’s the time.

As a student matures, their sound improves and they start to need better equipment.  A great start is a mouthpiece.  Here is a suggested list:

Burlington Public Schools – Suggested Mouthpieces by Level


Clarinet – Beginner/Intermediate: Dolce

Advanced: VanDoren 5 RV Lyre Mouthpiece (not the B45)

Bass Clarinet – Beginner/Intermediate: Dolce

Advanced: Consult Private Teacher

Alto Sax – Beginner/Intermediate: Dolce (Medium Chamber) or Selmer C*

Advanced: Caravan

Tenor Sax – Beginner/Intermediate: Dolce or Selmer C*

Advanced: Caravan or Rascher

Bari Sax – Beginner/Intermediate: Dolce or Selmer C*

Advanced: Caravan

Single Reeds: Beginner – VanDoren 2.5, Intermediate – VanDoren 3, Advanced – VanDoren 3.5/4

***For Dolce and Caravan Mouthpieces, please support our local music stores by contacting them first! If they do not have those mouthpieces in stock, please check and***


Trumpet – Beginner (Elementary): Bach 7C

Intermediate (Middle School): Bach 5C

Advanced (High School): Bach 3C, 1.5C

French Horn – Beginner/Intermediate: Schilke 27 or Holton-Farkas

Advanced: Schilke 29/30

Trombone/Euphonium – Beginner (Elementary): Bach 12C

Intermediate (Middle School): Bach 6.5 AL

Advanced: Bach 5G or Schilke 51(D)

Tuba – Beginner/Intermediate: Conn Helleberg

Advanced: Consult Private Teacher

Amazing Band Recording

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Listen to Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D minor.  Mallory Thompson is the guest conductor.  I took a conducting course with her for 2 weeks in Cincinnati, OH.